Jiangsu to relax the registration of the main market conditions to solve the problem of entrepreneur

now people entrepreneurs need to have a good business security system, is actually need to have some good entrepreneurial base, entrepreneurial behavior, so people will get a better development in Jiangsu will further relax the market conditions of residence registration.

One bright spot:

provides a number of registered companies will be able to

"what is the accommodation information materials, is actually the number." Yang Weidong said that this reform is mainly focused on industrial parks, incubators and other office space, eliminating the need to provide these materials can greatly simplify the registration process. Currently, the country only Shenzhen, Dongguan pilot registration and reporting system, Jiangsu is the first to carry out the pilot provinces.

Highlight two:

can be used as residential business residence

the future, around the "residential business" ban industry inventory management. Prohibited only three types, one is involved in pollution, two is safety, three is prohibited by law: engaged in catering, entertainment, bathing, metal processing in the city residential area prone to environmental pollution of public service industry, engaged in sales, storage of flammable and explosive goods relates to people’s life and property safety of the industry, and the laws and regulations prohibit residential business, shall not be registered as a business place. Yang Weidong said, all over the country regularly to sort out ‘residential for commercial’ ban list of industries, and through the website, media and other publicity to the community. However, for the ‘residential commercial’ business registration, business license does not change the nature of the housing has been used as a certificate."


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