Do you want to do more money to open a new store

with the aging of the population, the growing demand for the elderly market demand, causing investment boom. Now many people want to open the old supplies store. So, open old supplies store to make money? How to choose? For these problems, small series now for you to introduce the skills of the elderly store.

1. shopping mall and large business district, has the advantages of large crowd, but the disadvantages especially elderly consumer groups rarely, although over 30 consumer groups is very high but there is no successful cases, only in the developed countries in Europe, Japan, Korea and North America are middle-aged goods counters, high investment cost, high risk not suitable for medium and small investors.

2. residential area: the advantage is the low cost of investment, the disadvantage is the narrow scope of the customer, if you want to expand the scope of the customer to do a good job in the promotion of detailed and perfect, the corresponding increase in the cost of promotion.

3.: the so-called external residential residential refers to a single external interchange outside the district several residential streets, a lot of people, both the consumer groups, the radiation range of customers and many other advantages, the elderly shop? While the site rental and property management fees are not greatly improved is to open a good place for the elderly supplies, but it should be noted that this intersection of the surrounding community consumer groups is not the group below 30 years old (University College settlements, above 80% street near the store for the young consumer provided, this section of the elderly consumer groups to form


4. morning: the advantage of the elderly consumer groups more disadvantage is the single consumer groups and people sustainable low only in the morning the duration of two or three hours, and market products to lots of low profit products.


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