Entrepreneurs should return to their early heart

people often say never forget the beginning of the heart has always been, but a lot of people walking on the forgotten why they had started, this phenomenon is now appearing in many entrepreneurs. Now many entrepreneurs are over packaged into celebrities, fame is the fire, but a lot of entrepreneurs who have some practical charm forward.


door barbarians misunderstood

since entrepreneurship opened, seems to be everywhere barbarians, traditional industries feel insecure, as if in a moment to fall. A lot of people in the Internet circle of outsiders, holding the spear of the Internet thinking, self-confidence can be concluded in minutes of a traditional industry. Professional knowledge does not matter, we have the Internet thinking, we have new media from the media.

door barbarians are so misunderstood, this "savage" is not understand the professional knowledge and know only the rampage, but refers to the "barbaric" approach, to break the normal procedure. To deconstruct the past industry in an unconventional way of thinking. In fact, the barbarians are more professional and more advanced knowledge, from the commanding heights to re build industrial ecology.

all known are outdated, traditional industry professional is in fact based on a backward knowledge system, so will be more to master professional knowledge to shatter the barbarians. This process is like a geocentric heliocentric theory of the mythology replaced, replaced by the scientific theory, or by the steam engine as the center of the industrial system to the petroleum and natural gas in the era of knowledge system is upgrading, upgrading and restructuring of the upset.

deviate from the beginning of the heart "entrepreneurs"

The appearance of

PE and VC was a good thing, so that more people with the idea of having no money to realize their dreams, but also brought a

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