Carry forward the pioneering spirit of innovation and serve the economic and social development

innovation policy is the introduction of the development, in order to better economic and social services so that district leaders to carry out special research work on innovation and entrepreneurship and other related aspects of the problem are discussed, and suggestions for the economic development of tribute.

in the District Women’s entrepreneurship center, Shang Binyi listened to the development of Entrepreneurship Center District Women’s introduction, and visited the business center building exhibition hall, the women’s Federation style women hand knit display area, display area, development center of science and technology enterprises and enterprises to display five exhibition area, tourism area and tourism commodity sales consulting services area.

he hopes women’s entrepreneurship center should seize the opportunity, bold practice, positive innovation, make a difference in the entrepreneurial dream on the road.

in Huaming town bank, Shang Binyi listened to the current situation of the development of village bank Huaming introduction of Huaming village banks "to explore new mode of construction of rural banks, rural economic development" service idea, fully affirmed.

he hopes Huaming village banks to adjust business strategy and management object, as a new strong support in the emerging science and technology enterprises, the overall boost the region’s economic development, the real practice of "Huaming village bank, Dongli people’s own bank’s responsibility and mission.

in the District Land Bureau and the district land consolidation center, Yang Maorong listened to the District Land Bureau, Land Consolidation Center for the recent situation, the 19 key plots of project progress, problems and key work of the report in 2016.

The development of

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