Talk about entrepreneurs cut wire you shameless appearance quite when was young charm

recently in the "one" piece, and a real joke: an entrepreneur in the campus of the University of the cold start washing machine wire cut, not a lie "records of financing media".

in August 31st, this is known as "don’t lie financing media issued a statement saying he was endorsed: entrepreneurs themselves cheated, decided not to back the pot. This is like we went to the supermarket to buy a fake, supermarkets do not want to be responsible for the same. The problem is that we don’t care what’s wrong, we’ll vote with our feet and choose not to trust the media. Because if you apologize for every mistake on the line, then what is the use of the police do?

look at the endorsement of entrepreneurs, from the home X wash entrepreneurial enterprises issued a statement, the future is likely to reverse the possibility of. Because if it is really cut wire planning, follow-up plan is not good enough to deal with.

because everyone on this event itself much has been said, why we would "cut the wire" this not well-known enterprise to know this thing filled with righteous indignation? In the past and cut the wire in comparison, is worth mentioning. But here is the bad place: whether it is intentional or unintentional, cut wire in the moment has become an industrial chain, each person in this voice, have become a part of the spread. Entrepreneurial services into a marketing tool, each link is not doing their own.

1, there is a success is by cutting wire

in China, relying on the "first pot of gold use unscrupulous divisive tactics" to complete the business people too many to count.

three portal sites in the dying period, relying on energy-saving through the winter; 3721 when the fire, no opponent ingrained in your computer malware 360 security guards; every day to scan your hard drive and then give you a "report"; Baidu started playing and MP3 pirated Baidu library is in a flagrant way, how can you recently; video website "1 cents for 7 days free membership" compulsory fees can be viewed as a kind of cut wire; star school recently issued a document where compulsory open instalments without notice to the Baidu family bucket "…… This is a series of "cut wire" event.

O2O burn subsidies, in my opinion is to cut the wire investors and entrepreneurs together "". No matter how innovative entrepreneurship, I spend money to harvest the user say.

so, why in the past we cut wire did not trigger such a big response now?

in my opinion there are several reasons:

first, the past paper media era, public relations relatively good control of public opinion.

and serious media rarely involved in this low-end marketing strategy. Furthermore, although the means despicable, but people do is quiet, not quiet outside. Even if the media found a variety of "cut wires," the suspect, but did not rise to the legal level, very

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