Fried chicken store investment income estimates

00, 90, 80 after the door like food? There must be no fried chicken, crispy fried chicken flavor, with beer and coke. This is now the favorite of young people, the existence of business opportunities also led to a lot of food and beverage entrepreneurs who want to join a fried chicken brand, then open a fried chicken shop needs much money?

How much is a fried chicken shop

? Start a KFC, McDonald’s chain store investment need millions of dollars, but the price is high, for many small and medium-sized investors and consumers, can only be a disappointment. How much does it cost to open a fried chicken restaurant, but you can choose some small fried chicken to join, just invest a few thousand dollars, you can have a few square or more than a dozen square meters of fried chicken shop. And fried chicken can also take the form of car dealers. Can be in commercial street, shopping malls, supermarkets and other busy areas, you can also open a fried chicken shop around the school, station pier, the community.

how much does it cost to open a fried chicken shop?

open a fried chicken franchise, joining fee is generally around ten thousand. In a 30 square meters of the fried chicken shop as an example, the per capita consumption of 15 yuan, the average daily consumption of 250 passengers calculation, monthly turnover of 15/ yuan × 250/ × 30/ =112500. Less store rental costs 10000/ months, waiter wages (2) $5000, the cost of raw materials (turnover of 40%) 112500× 40%=4500 yuan / month, water and electricity expenditure of $500 / month, the monthly net profit reached 92500 yuan.

How much is a fried chicken shop stalls selling fried chicken business car

? Just a street booth fee on the line, can save a store rental costs, but the vehicles operating area, the limited types of daily consumption of fried chicken shop certainly no more, but also need to pay to learn this technology is only suitable for fried chicken, 1-2 the small business, the monthly net profit of not more than 10000 yuan.

is more than a small set of fried chicken shop to estimate how much money, I hope you want to help the fried chicken shop.

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