Analysis on market and Prospect of braised chicken rice

in recent years, some of the fast food industry Chinese within our own local can be said to have become very popular, such a trend can be said to have been going over some western fast food, but the Chinese fast food in the process of the development is also facing many problems.

there have to say, in the meal before, the cook can all process stew and before well, when customers order, just need to just two minutes of juice, immediately can be placed in the tray, the end, let diners very surprise, it was a veritable "fast food"!

for this delicacy concerns people almost all over the country

is due to the above reasons, braised chicken Steamed Rice joined the market to fame is the logical thing.

throughout the market, we see, is to join the main, the main brands have quick taste home, Yang Mingyu, headquarters most of the important raw materials are mixed together, make the sauce, so that stores the order, and add enough profit in them, so to a certain extent, cause the yellow chicken stew with Steamed Rice cost high, the market price of small, mostly in more than 15 yuan, a more than 20 yuan. Headquarters is also very difficult, there is no profit, who can always insist on serving the students?


to join the main, but the technical training market, also quietly sprout, working with the original fragrance of braised chicken Steamed Rice as the representative of the technical school, do not hit profiteering chain, only parity technology training signs, attracted many students attention. There are dozens of popular cuisines of the original flag Hanxiang, but to direct training, do not do any form of joining, the technical research and development ability, such as yellow chicken stew in herbal flavor, reached more than and 20, the taste is very rich, and the cost is very low, even worse than the market average price to join 1/3, brought no small impact to join the market. The company does not recommend the adoption of

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