Business needs to be recorded

some shopkeepers relied on their own memory, what is that to use your brain to remember, as everyone knows, in a variety of chores, good memory is also very easy to forget. Therefore, the shop to do business, a good memory is not as bad as the pen, only the record, it will not make mistakes in business.

one day, neighbor Mike to buy instant noodles. All the way to the store to see her when I was going through the books — the impression that a few days ago she had a pen in the shop on credit account. After a while, I found it. So, when Li will give me instant noodles money, I reminded her by the way: a few days ago you came to buy 8 yuan of money, the account has not yet come!" Li looked at me in surprise! Recently I don’t have in your shop on credit!"

I shaleyan: "I clearly remember the books you have 8 dollars of goods!" I asked Mike to blush: "you said I what specific credit?" I really forget her credit is what books, remember only owed 8 yuan of money, what is the specific goods, what time to buy is not specified. Since people do not recognize, I can only recognize the bad luck.

Li angrily left, I call up the surveillance video slowly check up. Look for several hours, and finally found the night before 8:30 Mike is doled out a pack of sanitary napkin. At that time, she did not bring money, he said to me: "so little money, you do not give me a book, and I will send tomorrow!"

if there is no surveillance video, such an account is probably not come back, after all, who do not remember. More importantly, customers may also feel that the owner with a deceptive behavior, may lose such a customer. 8 yuan is not much, but for the small business of us, if the cumulative long-term will be a small number. Therefore, in the usual business, even if customers do not have to emphasize the importance of accounting, we must be careful, detailed records. After all, a good memory is not as bad as that!

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