Detoxification and beauty of the 7 kinds of fruit

More and more people pay attention to

health, fruit has become a health ambassador. Today Xiaobian for everyone to take 7 kinds of detoxification and beauty of fruit.

1, banana calories 87 thousand card /100 g

2, papaya calories 27 card /100 g

3, kiwi fruit calories 30 thousand /100 g

4, avocado 45 thousand calories /100 grams of

avocado rich content of unsaturated fatty acids, can increase breast tissue elasticity; vitamin A can promote female (female food) hormone secretion, vitamin C can prevent deformation of the chest, vitamin E helps breast development.

5, apple (Apple food) calories 56 thousand card /100 g

6, 60

/ Grapefruit card

is very low calorie of grapefruit, according to a US study surface, if the normal three meals a day can eat half a grapefruit, health (health food) the effect will be very good. Of course, if you feel suddenly eat half a grapefruit is not enough, then drink grapefruit juice effect is quite satisfactory.

7, tomato 15 thousand card /100 g

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