The double education is not the employment and entrepreneurship training

NPC and CPPCC hot topic, the "double" education is causing people more sympathy, to improve the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship, we must strengthen the "double" of education, however, the "double" education is not the employment and entrepreneurship training.

The government work report this year, "

in the four session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress of Yunnan delegation held in March 7th to review the "13th Five-Year plan draft plenary meeting, Zhao Jian said, in the" double "tide, the most basic factor is people, countries need a number of innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability of people.

"I hope for" 13th Five-Year "plan, do not ignore the" people "of the core elements!" Zhao Jian has a keen eye for observation. In fact, in this year’s government work report, the 76 talked about the "reform", 23 of them talk about the "structural reform", and the "double" related "crowdfunding" was first written into the government work report.

"at present our country has more than 900 million labor, more than 100 million of highly educated and professional skills, but the" double "and the national transformation and industrial upgrading to adapt to the needs of the talent scarce. Only the big data talent, for example, according to the domestic big data expert estimates, with the country’s economic transformation, the Internet of each industry, cloud computing, big data professionals face a huge gap. The next 5 years, the gap will reach about 1 million 300 thousand people." Ge Jianping recommended

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