Xiao Zhen Gao Qunsheng Hu soup to head office address

in Hu soup to join the brand in joining the project representative, today Xiaobian for a good one to join the brand – xiaoyaozhen high Qunsheng Hu soup do you recommend. Gao Qunsheng Hu Latang is one of the many investors prefer to join the project, many investors want to visit a store in reference to Eve, but do not know the store in what place? For this small series for the following:

Xiaoyao Zhen Gao Qunsheng Hu soup food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the company formerly xiaoyaozhen high Hu La headquarters is located in Xiaoyao Decoction Qunsheng Hu soup birthplace – Xihua County town of Xiaoyao Xiaoyao Town, high Qunsheng Hu soup store was built in the last century the mid 30s, has a history of over 70 years. Corporation has: Xiaoyao Zhen Gao Qunsheng Hu soup headquarters, Kao Hu soup condiment factory, Xiaoyao Hu soup chain training headquarters, Xiaoyao Hu soup technology training center.

Mr. Kao Qunsheng xiaoyaozhen Hu soup thirteenth generation descendant, his father happy learning Hu soup brewed according to the traditional techniques, the ancestral Hu soup recipe by Mr. Qunsheng continuous efforts, decades of innovation to explore a set of suitable for modern taste of Hu Tang Peifang, after he stayed the Hu soup, spicy and delicious food for a long time, appetite, dispelling wind and cold, and the efficacy of Huoxue Zhuanggu Yin yang. Mr Gao Qunsheng is now a "intangible cultural heritage Hu soup craft heritage", the boiled soup Hu has won the "Chinese famous snacks" "Henan famous" 3.15 "favorite consumer products" and in the previous xiaoyaozhen Hu soup won the "grand prize contest".

to promote the free and unfettered Hu soup is a traditional food health and sustainable development, we carry out domestic xiaoyaozhen Hu soup soup Hu joined, technical training, Hu soup ingredients business. At present, the development of more than 100 schools have been developed, more than a total of trainees in the people, all over the country, most of them have embarked on the road to get rich on the road to more than 3000.

is committed to a lifetime to do a bowl of Qunsheng Xiaoyao Hu soup, dedication to consumers of green and healthy delicacy. General manager of the company with all the staff warmly welcome colleagues came to discuss business, a total of large industry. Unremitting efforts to create China’s spicy soup snacks. In order to carry forward the local snacks in Henan and promote the national catering culture.

The above is the simple introduction of the

xiaoyaozhen Hu Latang high some details to join, if you still have what other issues are not clear please post our website below, we will contact you in the first time to see the message.

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