Gas station in the non peak time in the whole – what

given the surge in the number of cars, resulting in gas station in the peak time is very busy, but once the peak time after the gas station will have leisure time, how to spend the leisure time after the summit, has become a problem many people want to know. So, what is the gas station doing during the rush hour?

gas station happy farm

this year, Jinzhou Yixian sales operating the Department of actively carry out small garden construction activities of gas station, the staff in the work, the station of idle land, according to the season and climate characteristics of the cultivation of Chinese cabbage, radish, cucumber and other vegetables. Pay oil leisure, employees will invariably come to a small garden, work together.

9 months, Jinzhou sales Yixian gas station to carry out the oil that is gift marketing activities. Where the fuel consumption of more than 300 yuan, $500 and $800 customers, can get a number of green vegetables planted gas station staff. The staff said: "the small garden construction not only enrich the gas station gas station table, enhance the cohesion, sales volume is still to bring customers display skills to the gas station, gas station and sales, is the" happy farm "."

case revelation: vegetable garden to create a warm and harmonious family culture. It not only enriches the staff’s table, but also enrich the amateur life of employees, in a subtle way to cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation, hard work, happy work.

refueling peak management no trough

Heihe sales Nenjiang area south of the gas station by quality service and excellent environment, the original station into a million tons station. Station manager Fan Yuzhong said: "in our station, there is a peak refueling, management no trough." This station in the morning of the peak of every morning, refueling staff busy. But the gas after the peak, the attendant is more busy, in addition to the requirements of 6S management, to organize and check the refueling hose to return the cash and check the maintenance of tanker condition etc., to clean up the refueling site health and set finishing in time. In order to meet the next gas peak ready.

case revelation: gas station every time high quality, efficient, safe completion of the work of the peak oil, are non peak hours of preparation, on-site environmental management and improve the rectification of hidden risks. So, in order to play a good peak oil play, practicing non peak management work is the key.

site "search"

"look, Xiao Zhou cited car in place of the posture is not standardized." "Small, you did not put warning signs at the unloading site." Since the remodeling of good image of the company since the big discussion activities, Wuwei branch of the gas station to take this opportunity, combined with the actual, in the non high

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