How do open stores began to get good pot

open pot pot shop, how to get a better start? Many novice hope that you can learn a lot of experience, started popularity, successy entered the local food market. If you want to use some skills, you can take a look at the small series finishing a few suggestions. Hurry to learn it, to help you easily do business.

1, site

the location of dry pot stores is a key. In doing this work, entrepreneurs must be careful. In general, the snack bar to pay more attention to the flow of people, while the dry pot stores pay more attention to the place where the population is more concentrated. In addition, entrepreneurs at the time of the site to analyze the consumption level and economic situation of the surrounding population, consider the location of their own open pot shop is not appropriate.

2, decoration

open dry decoration is a very important work pot stores. To join the pot shop, its decoration must highlight their brand and product features, in addition, the ventilation system must do a good job, warm lighting effect is more reasonable.

3, pre publicity

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