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ten women do breast examination, there are often eight or nine doctors told breast hyperplasia. The examinee unavoidably panic: what is the mammary gland proliferation? Where does it come from? Experts say breast hyperplasia is common in clinic, in addition to breast pain, breast palpable flat, nodular hyperplasia, clinically referred to it as breast hyperplasia. Wearing a tight bra will also increase the chance of. But most breast hyperplasia is no need to worry about, only those in the clinical suspected malignant or indeterminate hyperplastic nodules or masses only through surgical excision biopsy.

: bra too tight, too much estrogen

experts said that the current theory of pathogenesis is accepted is that estrogen and progesterone disorders, showed luteal phase progesterone secretion of estrogen decreased in comparison to the amount of change, resulting in a long period of time to stimulate estrogen in breast tissue, which resulting in hyperplasia of mammary glands. Therefore, women’s long-term use of cosmetics containing estrogen, or excessive consumption of dietary hormones such as chicken, fish and other foods, will increase the incidence of breast disease. Even the rhythm of life is too tight, resulting in endocrine disorders in women, will also induce breast hyperplasia.

in addition, some women in Europe and the United States to promote women do not wear bras, to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. Although this practice is not well documented, but from the clinical point of view, especially wearing the wrong bra too tight, the chest is not fully stretch in the course of time, breast in a state of oppression, it is prone to disease, increase the incidence of breast hyperplasia and breast disease. Wearing a bra normally does not increase the incidence of breast disease.

lesions: not necessarily develop breast cancer

according to statistics, most of the clinical breast hyperplasia, and does not significantly increase the risk of breast cancer, so do not worry too much. But never relax our vigilance, even without any symptoms of breast hyperplasia should be regularly observed, pain symptoms can also take drugs to control the hyperplasia of mammary glands appropriately, and those in the clinical suspected malignant or indeterminate hyperplastic nodules or masses, as may be required by surgical excision biopsy.

experts say there are several commonly used methods of breast screening to help determine the nature of breast hyperplasia, or can be removed from the pain of surgery.

color B ultrasound: This is the preferred method of examination of breast disease, can be found in breast hyperplasia, breast cyst (abscess), breast fibroma and other lesions. Normal women under 35 years of age should be done once a year breast B ultrasound examination.

mammography: internationally recognized imaging X-ray mammography is the most effective means of breast screening, found high diagnostic accuracy, can be observed in clinical touch early breast tumor, diagnosis rate of 85%. It is recommended that women over the age of 35 should be examined by mammography once every 1-2 years, in addition to a B ultrasound examination.

biopsy: the final diagnosis still depends on the pathological diagnosis

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