U Ding take food cooperation

home family and friends gathered at a time is not to worry about what to eat ah, for businesses, consumers such worries is a huge opportunity, if you can make one as much as possible to meet consumer demand for restaurants, so you can not seize the opportunity to get rich? U Ding dish to join delicious unlimited, quickly seize the initiative, u Ding take food investment potential, make money more relaxed! So, u Ding dish official website join mode have several kinds of? We look together below!

u Ding dish cooperation mode:

1, the whole type: the first from the site to shop, until the normal operation, investors do not assume any risk, by u Ding run food headquarters y managed, and reserve personnel training. Within the agreed time to the investor’s store has been very popular, laying the foundation for future earnings.

2, occupation: partnership with the headquarters, the use of investors to provide better store resources, the headquarters of the elite team responsible for day-to-day operations. Risk sharing, a reasonable division of income, profit protection.

3, self-service: headquarters is responsible for assist investors to complete all open issues, the use of u tripod to take food good brand effect, the standard mode of operation, remote, smart kitchen, without technical training, independent investment shop investors can profit exclusive.

u Ding take food franchise policy tendency of investors everywhere for the franchisee, u Ding take food management headquarters to provide free training for entrepreneurs, including sales skills and product knowledge and culture, will not regularly sent professional trainers to store on-site guidance, the franchisee can devote to the development of the construction market. If you want to join U Ding take food stores, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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