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has three stages of acute mastitis, showing different stages of different treatment methods are not the same, therefore, should understand the various stages of the pathogenesis of the.

1, the beginning of the beginning stage often chapped nipple, breast-feeding nipple tingling feeling, with milk stasis or poor caking, can sometimes have one or two mammary duct blocked. Then the local breast swelling and pain, lumps or not, accompanied by pain, skin color is not red or reddish skin, hot or not hot. Systemic symptom is not obvious, or accompanied by fever, headache, chest tightness, irritable temper easily, and loss of appetite.

2, sepsis stage breast lumps without or increased, local pain, or have a throbbing pain, very persistent severe pain, with obvious tenderness, red skin color, skin burning, and a strong thermal annealing, thirsty Si Yin, nausea, anorexia, ipsilateral axillary lymph node swollen tenderness. To the breast swelling and heat pain for about tenth days, the central breast lumps becoming soft, press should point to have wave motion, local diffuse swelling and fever, tenderness, aspiration of pus, sometimes purulent fluid can flow from orifices in milk, systemic symptoms.

3, after the acute stage of acute abscess, can break out of the pus, or surgical incision and drainage. If the pus out unobstructed, local swelling eliminating pain, fever, cold symptoms disappeared gradually, wound healing. If the break after the pus out of the poor, swollen situation disappear, pain reduction, body heat is not retreated, may form a bag of pus or purulent fluid and other complex formation from cystic mastitis milk. Also after the break from the wound, Jiuzhibuyu milk overflow, the formation of galactorrhea.

(internship editor: Zheng Yanjun)

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