Xining City North District to implement preferential tax policies to promote employment of the disab

for the disabled employment tax preferential policies to better implement the adjustment, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the disabled, give full play to the positive role in promoting the tax policy in terms of employment of persons with disabilities, to promote the construction of harmonious society. Recently, the North District National Taxation Bureau held the legal representative within the jurisdiction of Qinghai Zhengwei group welfare factory 11 total employment for the disabled people, the welfare enterprise financial personnel to participate in the forum.

forum, the bureau to participate in the forum area of welfare enterprises gave a detailed account of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the "Circular on promoting the employment of disabled persons" preferential tax policy "and the Ministry of civil affairs of the State Administration of Taxation on the promotion of disabled persons Federation of disabled persons China collection preferential employment tax policy notice" and other related measures file. The relevant personnel bureau of Xining city is the spirit of the document and related problems were explained, Wang Fengxue Qinghai Zhengwei group financial department minister at the forum to introduce the group in the implementation of the employment of the disabled advanced practice.

District Board also on the specific implementation of the adjustment of the employment tax incentives for the disabled and business representatives conducted a serious discussion, and the specific operation of the document made comments and suggestions. For the implementation of preferential tax policies for the employment of the disabled, the IRS will preferential policy commitments, the employment of the disabled tax adjusted hundred-percent in place, simplify the tax refund procedures, so that the majority of people with disabilities to truly feel the party and the government to the disabled people care and love. (author: Zhang Xiaoxin)


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