Any music for the RS booster enrichment people of Xining economic and Technological Development Zon

Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone is the only state-level development zone on the Qinghai Tibet plateau. As an important window and the leading position of Qinghai Economic Development Zone, in recent years, with more and more complete supporting facilities, management and operation mechanism of sound, clear the direction of industry, become a barometer of economic and social development of Qinghai.

in this piece of land full of vitality and vitality, active in a politically strong, skilled, good style of the national tax team. As responsible for the development of the national tax departments, tax bureau of the development zone is responsible for 4 industrial parks, a total of 1191 taxpayers tax collection and management services. Over the years, they worked tirelessly for the enrichment of the country, tax revenue highs; their innovation, the courage to practice, for the development of national tax career development zone, has made an outstanding contribution.

since January 2003 formally Construction Bureau, bureau of development zone will establish the concept of innovation, as an important content to strengthen the construction of Taxation, innovation as power source of the Development Zone Bureau, the taxpayer to create a comfortable, warm home as positioning service, always follow the "development, innovation to seek innovation in the development of a new concept of development, revenue to the organization as the center, to the tax law as the criterion, to fine management as the main line, to harmonious development, vigorously implement the informationization construction, personnel construction, and promote the coordinated development of the work, establish a new image of the people of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone that has been the community and the vast majority of taxpayers certainly.

perform its functions to improve service quality

"the taxpayer in the tax process, because of the tax policy is not known completely or negligence, often there will be some mistakes, if the tax department blindly strict punishment, and it is very easy to cause the taxpayer antipathy. If the taxpayer before the occurrence of illegal acts in a timely manner to remind, will receive different enforcement effect." This is the experience of a tax administrator in the Development Zone irs. The tax law is a "double-edged sword", this "double-edged sword" requires not only the taxpayer, and call the IRS cadres according to law. What are the difficulties in the end what is the tax payer, the actual needs of taxpayers? This is the primary problem to fulfill the function and improve the service quality. Therefore, not only from the hardware to meet the needs of the taxpayers tax efficient, but also to solve the practical problems of taxpayers "long run, long to find" in software.

tax assessment is the key to strengthen the management of tax sources. In 2007, the IRS Development Zone, according to the Bureau of the "tax burden is the key industries is the focus of tax assessment is the starting point, is the key work, ensure" innovative ideas, take measures according to local conditions, tax assessment will work as an important work of the daily catch. Practice has proved that the tax information is an important means to promote the reform of tax collection and management. August 2007, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the IRS independent research and development of the tax assessment letter;

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