Unusual gimmicks Xining tourism promotion and marketing

from a simple promotional scenic spots into marketing Xining City, from the province to go out into the city to promote the furnace into Qinghai…… In order to improve the Xining city tourism and the visibility of our city creative marketing, Duocuobingju, tourist publicity frequent style all their own, and achieved good economic benefits: the first half of the year, tourist arrivals and tourism revenues increased, among them, the city received domestic and foreign tourists 6 million 697 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase of 14.3%; the total tourism income of 4 billion 878 million yuan, compared to the same period an increase of 26.6%; respectively, accounting for 65% of the total revenue and the total number of the province’s tourism tourism 54%.

the beginning of the year, the city will establish a "grand tourism" concept of propaganda, propaganda from the scenic spot into city marketing; from the promotion of tourism products to promote the city’s political, economic and cultural, around 200 km ring summer tourism circle "is rich in tourism resources, integration, overall marketing publicity.

at the same time, innovative ways of publicity, to take the time to promote, according to different periods, different seasons, to determine the different promotional content. For example, around the "cool summer Xining" to highlight the summer tourism and holiday tourism products; winter and spring around the "winter tour of Xining focused on the introduction of the" plateau folk culture experience tour "," Ice Tour "," religious cultural tour "etc.. Take the "selective" propaganda, by a city as a breakthrough point, vigorously expand the market, take the "marketing initiatives go" and "please come in" combination, further promotion of Xining rich cultural tourism resources. Choose the "people" propaganda, according to the different tourist groups and different consumer demand, in the public to carry out "Qinghai Qinghai tour, Xining tour tour promotional activities; for Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia tourists driving, traveling circle xiadou boutique tourist routes in Wuhan city such as fire; tourists, mainly propaganda summer leisure travel, vacation travel and other ecological tourism products, enhance the tourism publicity targeted, the effect is obvious. (author: Sheng Nan Gao Qin)

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