Since the flood season, the temperature of our province ranked second in history

7 15, the reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, since the flood season (May 15th ~ July 10th), the province’s high temperatures, column history of the second. Frost, heavy rain, flood, lightning, hail and other meteorological disasters, resulting in varying degrees of impact on agriculture and animal husbandry production and people’s lives and property.

according to the meteorological data show that from May 15th to July 10th, the province’s average temperature of 12.1 degrees, 1.1 degrees higher than normal, the column of history since 1961 second; the average precipitation is close to normal 121.3mm, but local, regional differences. Among them, in early July to enter the rainy period, especially from 7 to 11, in just a few days, the province has more than 11 meteorological observation rainfall over 100mm, the rainfall of more than 100 observation sites 50mm. In July 8th, Guinan County Taxiu village 24 hour rainfall reached 121.1mm.

According to reports, since the flood season, frost, heavy rains and floods and other meteorological disasters on agricultural production and people’s lives and property caused by varying degrees of impact on

. To this end, the Meteorological Bureau of the late precipitation forecast and disaster assessment. Is expected in late July to early August, the province’s rainfall over the same period the year compared to most areas of the eastern agricultural region, Qaidam Basin, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture will be slightly less than 3 ~ 5, the rest of the province will be more 2 ~ 6. According to the forecast, the Qilian Mountains area, southern pastoral areas should pay close attention to the emergence of inland snowmelt flood prevention; Qilian area, Xining city and sea east parts of the city, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to strengthen the defense of the geological disasters of landslide and debris flow torrents; Eastern agricultural areas may appear stage dry and hot and sunny weather, the relevant departments should carefully prepared and summer heatstroke prevention water supply distribution; precipitation in most areas of the upper reaches of the the Yellow River river basin can be used each side, limited precipitation process, do a good job in a timely reservoir water diversion work.


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