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Sun Lingyu, deputy director of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, deputy director of surgical oncology: breast hyperplasia is very common in women. Mental stress, emotional and other adverse psychological factors, unreasonable diet structure (such as excessive intake of fat), abortion, infertility or giving birth over the age of 30, lactation, marital discord, taking care products containing hormones, wearing tight bras may cause should have been restored breast hyperplasia is not restored or the recovery is not complete, for a long time, then the formation of breast hyperplasia.

Shanxi Miss Lin asked: I am 45 years old, last year found a right breast nodules, color Doppler ultrasound showed that the right breast with low echo nodules. X-ray findings: breasts were gland type, visible aflocculent glands, breasts no clear lumps, no malignant calcification, double axillary lymph node size ranging from visible. Excuse me, what is the reason?

from the patient’s description, consider a benign breast hyperplasia. This situation does not require surgery, regular inspection can be. Do a monthly breast self-examination, such as self inspection found abnormal, such as touch the nodules, or feel that the nodules significantly increased, should be admitted to the hospital for specialist examination, to further clarify the diagnosis. Life should pay attention to regulate emotions, maintain a relaxed and happy mood.

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