Third batch of 251 young cadres arrived in Xining

yesterday morning, the third batch of 251 young cadres arrived in Xining. Central off group leader, Deputy Minister of human resources and social security letter arrived at the same machine. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin, Provincial Standing Committee, Minister of organization of the airport to meet the Minister of Hu Changsheng.

The third batch of

aid youth cadres selected work in the basic second batch of counterpart relations, to further expand the scale of aid sent party selected, adjust the structure and the number of young cadres sent aid to specific positions, increase send aid youth professional and technical personnel, increased focus on selected doctors and teachers. Through communication with the support of our province, and actively seek the support of central lead department in April this year, the Central Organization Department, human resources and social security department issued the third batch of selected plan, clear aid youth cadres for 251, than the second batch of 182 increase 69, among them, 157 party and government cadres, the management personnel of enterprises 29 people, 65 professional and technical personnel. The management of the provincial cadres working in our province completed in late July, and recipient state and provincial units according to the cadre management authority to arrange aid youth cadres post.

third batch of young cadres from the Central Organization Department, the national development and Reform Commission and other central state organs, China Railway Corporation and other central enterprises, as well as Beijing, Shanghai and other developed provinces and cities of the 18, and other 6. From August onwards, they will carry out a three year counterpart support work. The third batch of cadres will aid youth in the counties of our province as party Deputy leadership and provincial departments of the leadership team members, and served in various business unit management positions and professional and technical posts.


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