Water reform in key areas of our province bear fruit

2016 in December 22nd, with the province’s water conservancy investment co.. Marks the province’s water conservancy investment and financing system reform has taken a substantial step, in 2016 the completion of the annual goal of water reform.

it is understood that last year the province is committed to deepening water law and water conservancy reform work, from the promulgation of the new revision of the "Qinghai province implementation of < > method; soil and water conservation; measures", the "Qinghai province implementation of the" water conservancy Regulations > "" Qinghai province water Conservation Management Office of law "drafting to water" 75 "year started, to carry out water, river sand, destruction of water engineering and water conservation facilities such as special inspection of law enforcement, law enforcement of water administration ability and level steadily improved. The province’s water conservancy construction and constantly improve the market credit system, to further improve the quality of the project, the production safety management system, administrative punishment and exposure to 10 enterprises of bad behavior, maintain the normal order of water.

at the same time, the province will manage the scope of the province and the construction of the river basin management Authority commissioned by the municipal water management department, the implementation of the investment project wading administrative examination and approval integration optimization. The establishment of a double random open spot work mechanism to strengthen the matter in the post regulation. Prepared to report the current property rights is indeed the pilot program, the implementation of comprehensive reform of agricultural water price plan. To carry out the management scope, management of water conservancy project and the scope of protection of the right demarcation of the implementation of programming, and mutual Tu Autonomous County Datonghe Sha Tang in the region, Menyuan Hui Autonomous County to carry out pilot work, to fully implement long river system implementation plan. And the implementation of small water conservancy project property rights, management and protection of the main 1170, the full completion of the annual task of reform.


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