The second China Qinghai international traditional archery elite ended successfully

after three days of intense competition, the Chinese · of the second; Qinghai international traditional archery elite in September 6th ended successfully. The wonderful performance of the team, to the audience left a good impression and precious memories.

in the three day of the game, from the 23 countries and regions of the 121 teams of the team launched a total of 4 kinds of bow, the fight against the project of the 5 950". Finally, Inner Mongolia Habutu team showed a strong advantage in the modern traditional arch project, winning only a personal project and mixed team championship; Ledu team successfully defended the bow for the women’s team championship. The more intense competition, the men’s team, the anti bow bow bow man group and the men’s team of composite bow champion team from the peace zone, Jianzha County team and the Republican team of two teams in the bag. Other provinces and cities and foreign teams also have a lot of entry into the current eight.

According to the

County in Gonghe County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Hua Dan, Gonghe County, the success of the second China · Qinghai international traditional archery tournament, has built a bridge connecting the world, to promote the national fitness activities in depth, promote local social and economic development, promoting national unity, enhance self-confidence and pride of local people the sense of cohesion and have far-reaching significance.

tournament inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, but also for the domestic and foreign elite archery and archery enthusiasts to provide a mutual exchange, to discuss the game platform, is the province to build a promotion and progress of international brand archery tournament. At the same time during the competition, held a special international archery events of the advanced training courses, which is the first time in the country.


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