The spirit of the province’s health and health conference in the medical front caused strong repercu

"accelerate the construction of healthy Qinghai, improve people’s health level, and strive to create a new situation of health and health development in our province!" Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng in the province’s health and health conference speech exciting, inspiring, in the province’s health front caused strong repercussions. Everyone said, held a provincial health and health conference, let us to further strengthen the construction of Qinghai health confidence and determination, to study and implement the General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai put forward the "four major solid" requirements and the health and the spirit of the general assembly to combine innovation concept, deepen the reform of cohesion force. The reform to a new level, to complete the construction of a well-off society, rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai, a beautiful dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China Qinghai lay solid foundation with health chapter in our own strength.

in the study of the province’s health and health conference spirit, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission deputy director Li Xiaodong said, held a provincial health and health conference fully reflects the provincial government for promoting the construction and maintenance of Qinghai attaches great importance to people’s health and determination,


, the medical and health system reform has entered the deep water area, to kenyinggutou crucial period, we must take practical action to learn consciously implement the spirit of the meeting, with the courage to take the spirit to the deployment of the landing, Qinghai to promote the reform to continue to walk in the forefront of the country.

"we must deeply understand the principle of adhering to the principle of prevention, the formulation and implementation of health education and health promotion work plan, to continuously improve the quality of health of the people of all ethnic groups made breakthrough progress." Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission Director Tang Hongmei norinobu said with deep feeling, insist on both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine policy at the same time, play an important role in traditional medicine in the treatment of disease, treatment of diseases, major disease rehabilitation, let the national medicine benefit more for people’s health. Seriously address the outstanding environmental problems affecting the health of the masses, to promote the integration of health policy in the global health services throughout the whole process, health and well-being of the people, from the source to reduce health hazards.

provincial health reform office cadres Zhong Jincai believes that the provincial government in the "strategic position to improve people’s health" and "priority", reflects the extreme importance of the cause, the future will be more be enthusiastic and press on push reform, grasp the crux of reform push, push reform coordination. In deepening the reform of the medical and health system on this road, continue to explore innovative methods and measures for reform, so that the people of all ethnic groups to enjoy more benefits, while meeting the needs of the people at different levels of health services.

to construct large health and health pattern, promote the healthy work from "the treatment center" to "center" to the people’s health, strengthen the national health service and health fair, inclusive, accessibility, all-round, full cycle to protect and improve the health level of people of all nationalities…… The spirit of the general assembly of the province’s health and health conference so that the majority of medical workers feel the burden on the shoulders.

Wu Shizheng, President of

Provincial People’s Hospital, said the hospital reform in the future will adhere to the problem oriented, focus on work. Adhere to the people’s health;

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