Bangkok City explosion caused 1 dead Chinese citizens lost contact with 6

Some terrorist explosion

society generally can cause great harm, 17 in the evening Thailand Bangkok terrorist bombings has killed 22 people, which has identified 4 China tourists.

Chinese according to the Embassy in Thailand, as of now, the explosion has caused 22 deaths, 123 people were injured. The Chinese tourists who were killed were identified as 4 people, the 2 from the mainland, the Hongkong residents of the 2.

Foreign media reported Xinhua quoted

the current explosion has been characterized as a terrorist attack. A police spokesman Ba Wu · Weng, he said in an interview, most of the casualties are foreigners.

3 kg bomb blasted 2 meters in diameter pit

monitor screen display, after the explosion, dozens of people down in a pool of blood, the frightened people fled. "When the explosion occurred, I was on the scene, suddenly, 3 places around the fire……" Chen Yunhua, a tourist from Zhejiang, said there were many Chinese tourists at the scene of the explosion.

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