City Board of education, four measures to promote the ideological and moral construction of minors

in recent years, Xining City Bureau of education to the ideological and moral construction of minors as the primary task of quality education, focusing on "the ideological and moral construction of minors work evaluation system" of the relevant requirements, and actively explore and practice, promote the rapid development of minors ideological and moral construction in the "four measures".

  innovation mechanism to improve the effectiveness of Ideological and moral construction of minors. strengthen the leadership mechanism, the formation of the main leaders of the school personally arrested, in charge of the leadership of the specific grasp, party, government, work, the group together, class teacher, class teacher education pattern of everyone. To establish and perfect the moral system, attaches great importance to moral cultivation, strengthen teachers’ moral cultivation, lay the foundation for the construction of a meet the needs of quality education, teachers of the minor ideological and moral construction workers. In specific work, pay attention to grasp the characteristics of Ideological and moral construction of minors work, pay attention to the work of democracy, personality and emotional, and strive to achieve the education and practice education, the cultural education philosophy of education, methods to optimize the ideological and moral construction of minors work.

expand the position to build a new platform for ideological and moral education. adhere to people-centered education, moral education first principle, to strengthen the socialist core value system of education, the healthy growth of minors, morality education as the fundamental task of education. Taking moral education as the core, promoting quality education, cultivating students’ innovative spirit and practical ability. Set up a set of military training, science, sports, labor training, practice activities, tourism and leisure as one of the multi-functional, open and comprehensive type of extracurricular activities and practice base, provides a new platform for the practice of moral education, through education carrier model, to increase students’ ability in comprehensive practice, improve the comprehensive the quality, and provides a new way to promote the innovation of school moral education development, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of moral education work, the effective implementation of the ideological and moral education aims to family radiation, extends to the community, the combination of holiday school education and after-school education, make students’ self-reliance, self-care, self-discipline ability continuously enhanced.

strengthen education to protect the mental health of minors. strengthen the mental health education, attaches great importance to the work of students’ psychological health education, the primary and secondary school mental health education into the teaching plan of school education, equipped with part-time mental health education teachers, teaching materials, teaching hours and implementation plan, "to be a sunshine children" and "Life Education" as the theme. Carry out the students’ mental health education teaching activities. It has strengthened the construction of psychological teachers, the construction of psychological education network and the construction of psychological counseling room, and further improve the level of specialization and informatization of psychological health education. According to the characteristics of physical and mental development of minors, this paper explores the law of juvenile delinquency in the new century and new stage, and strengthens the correct leadership of the minors’ legal education,;

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