New year to go Grassroots in order to reunite them to hold their posts

In the reunion of the days, there are so many people, they stick to their posts, with their own home to return to more people.

Spring Festival, the reporter went to the front line, approached them, to understand their work and life, listen to them talk about the work of a small story.

stick to the post is our responsibility

February 8th, only one day away from New Year’s eve. Repair large library Qinghai Tibet Railway Company of the Xining depot, the reporter saw a stunt master, she was before the hand accessories testing machine to check the method of small cracks. Wang Juanjiao finished spraying liquid magnetic parts. She was taught to the apprentice "unique secrets", she said: "you see, some wheel crack is only a bit of hair, but because of the small crack, it could cut off the whole axle, causing the train overturned, no matter what time should eye to hand, and heart to crack, otherwise may slip away!" Her name is Lei Daojing, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in the testing equipment in front of the longest, most female railway staff wheelset inspection. Master ray said this type of work she did. Little is known, but plays a key role for the safety of trains, so a little sloppy.

thunder Master for 20 years of work experience, summarizes the "see, touch, knock," four words "Reyes testing method". In the spring the bus full, this method is extended for high quality parts inspection van save more than and 50 hours, qualification rate reached one hundred percent.

new year is coming, the thunder Master still stick to their posts, she said: "the Chinese New Year is about a family reunion, so there will be a spring, for our railway workers, to ensure safe and smooth the Spring Festival is the most important, so it is our duty to stick to their posts."

9 at home for the new year long train

talking about the spring rush of all kinds of crowded and busy, the train chief Li Jianning said, this is not the busiest time. Qinghai’s winter is too cold, many migrant workers in Yushu and other places have returned home early, after the Spring Festival to return to work, it is the busiest time.

Li Jianning has been working on the railway for 30 years, this is his first time in the K1060 train on the first of the year, talking about his work, he used to describe the words and deeds of the sweet and sour in. Acid, from the family owed, busy work, Li Jianning has not been at home for the Spring Festival for 9 years, but his parents, his wife and children are very understanding of him, as always, to support him. Sweet, passengers do not picky, there is no opinion of Li Jianning is the greatest joy, passengers safe home is his greatest sweetness. The most bitter is that passengers do not understand, do not buy a sleeper ticket, illegal behavior, luggage misplacing, waste water and so on, Li Jianning again to persuade the exchange is a complaint. In this ordinary post, in the face of different passengers, a different situation, every day is a different challenge, Li Jianning said, this is hot;

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