First bridge health monitoring system next year posts

recently, the reporter learned from the Xining city bridge management learned, in order to strengthen the bridge maintenance management plan in the first half of 2015 for the Huangshui River Bridge continuous beam installation of the province’s first bridge health monitoring system, and the introduction of pre bridge health monitoring system in the northwest region of the forefront. Compared with traditional inspection methods, the system is simpler, more economical and more feasible.
with the large bridge safety, durability and normal function of growing concern, as an important means of prevention of bridge emergencies – bridge health monitoring system is introduced in our city. It is understood that the system set up scientific and reasonable, practical operation interface, through changes in the key parts of structure damage and identification of the monitoring data, evaluate objectively quantitative of bridge structure bearing capacity and seismic and wind resistance ability. At the same time, to evaluate the bridge service conditions, reliability and durability for the bridge, triggering warning signals in the special climate special traffic condition or bridge severely abnormal operating conditions, to facilitate the timely maintenance of the bridge, the bridge to reduce operation cost, prolong the life of the bridge, the bridge safety, improve the overall level of bridge maintenance management.


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