Municipal Health Bureau fully implement the provincial Party committee and provincial government lea

June 26th – 27, the Municipal Health Bureau Director Liu Haonian, deputy director of fwnz organization held a special meeting attended by the president of the District, County Health Bureau, and the Municipal Food and drug administration, county hospital, on the full implementation of the provincial government on speeding up the reform leadership instructions to make careful arrangements, put forward a clear goal and task completion time node.

Liu on the reform of health care recently focused on the task objectives and the completion of the time node put forward strict requirements. One is the beginning of July 1st, the city’s village clinics to implement the basic drugs zero sales slip; supervision of community health service institutions run society 50 basic drugs zero sales slip; start the people above 65 years old healthy physical examination work; two was started in July 1st in county hospitals and grassroots medical institutions comprehensive reform, to formulate the plan, submitted to the district the county government, after deliberation, the end of July reported to the Municipal Health Office for the record. The three is the end of July the completion of the transfer of the transfer system of human resources and social security departments; four is to complete the program and performance work programme set positions before July 20th, before the end of August to complete, and organize the implementation; five is to implement the basic infrastructure construction projects and supporting equipment. Six is to increase the intensity of health care reform, publicity and publicity through the media and health care reform results and highlights, so that people really feel the benefits of health care reform.

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