Since the opening of 9 new bus lines in Xining

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xining public transport group, from the 21 day of this month, Xining will continue to open a new line of the bus, the first day of the day will be opened on the 48 Road, 9.It is reported that

29 stops: Wang Bin Bao Cun, New Energy Company, international times carpet production base, green New Energy Company, Nanchuan Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Xie village, Haining Road, the Yellow Sea bridge, the intersection, Chuangye Road north exit, in green junction, Huasheng Road, Lu Jia Zhai Nan Lu Lu Jia Zhai,, Zhai Bei, Nan Xiang, water mill, eighth middle school, prosperous alley and red (Qingyun group), Nanchuan Nanchuan District, shopping malls, bus martyrs cemetery, Nanchuan Park, Kiu, 61 East, Nanshan Road Xikou, Kunlun bridge, Center Plaza (North);

12 stops: train station, provincial hospital, provincial hospital, armed police hospital, Guangji Road intersection, intersection, 51, provincial military hospital, Triangle Garden, Central Plaza (North), kylin Bay, Qinghai hotel;

23 stops: ten in the unity bridge, Roca Bay, Roca Bay, Lusi hospital, shop, ten Shop East Primary School, ten shop, Hongqiao building, rehabilitation hospital, China Academy of the west, East, Cao Cao Zhai Zhai, Kangle, Kang Xi Road, Delingha Road, Yang Xiang, Xining Mansion east gate, north, a small street, Huang light, Grand Cross, Simon, Central Plaza (North);

22 stops: Qinghai daily, Central Plaza (North), five fork, weather lane,;

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