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for mother breast sagging is the baby suck, breastfeeding time reduced to half a year, you can avoid severe breast ptosis, saying that Zhang Anqin is not correct. "The effect of fertility and lactation, one is to change the proportion of glands and fat, the number of female glands before lactation, lactation, gland degeneration, increased fat. Two is due to lactation glands, breasts are ‘support’ big, ligaments like rubber bands, with the extension or even exceed the limit. Wait until the end of lactation, it will become loose, and then can not return to the original length, so it appears sagging breasts."

this year, admitted to the hospital due to acute mastitis in lactation incorrect cases than in previous years increased from 10% to 20%.

said that the degree of breast deformation and lactation time is not necessarily a relationship, but there will be personal differences. There are often only feed the child mother for a few days of milk, breast ptosis or deformation. And some mothers fed a year of milk, sagging degree is not serious. "The promotion of breastfeeding for six months to one year or so you can give the child is weaned, because milk nutrition a year later than before," he said, not upside down as "fed to the effect of the first half of the small breast shape".

popular online all kinds of "save the breast" approach: some believe that lactation time is best not more than half a year, otherwise easily lead to breast ptosis, some suggestions of pregnancy often massage the breast can reduce the degree of ptosis after lactation. Some suggestions for the use of artificial nipple sucking the breast in order to avoid the baby when stretched…… Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center experts said, "save the breast" from the start of lactation, lactation, prevention of acute mastitis and take the correct massage and other methods, all contribute to the recovery of postpartum breast.

reduce lactation time may not be able to prevent breast sagging

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the vast majority of female fertility, lactation, breast shape will vary, which is irresistible. It can be said that this is the mother of the baby’s health to make sacrifices." Breast disease prevention center director of Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center, deputy chief physician Zhang Anqin pointed out that the basic structure of the body and breast breast ligament, comprising a gland acini, breast and fat structure which composed of interstitial, determines the size of breast; and ligament like the housing frame, determines the appearance of the breast is tall and straight.

has recommended that users, breast-feeding when an artificial nipple, in addition to avoid the baby to suck the nipple, but also indirectly slow down the rate of breast sagging. "There’s no reason to say that." Zhang Anqin said that the artificial nipple can replace natural nipple, nipple is only suitable for damaged mother of an emergency, there is an important role is to help women nipple. However, it does not delay the deformation of the breast function, the use of a long time, there may be guided

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