Science and Technology ndustrial Park safety inspection results

in order to fully implement the national, provincial and municipal relevant requirements concerning production safety inspection, to ensure that the park production safety situation is stable, from July 31st to August 6th this year, the CMC of biological science and Technology Industrial Park to carry out a 7 day inspection of production safety and hazard investigation, park safety inspections special activities preliminary results.

Park Administrative Committee issued by the Bureau of the 2 special inspection team, the park all kinds of production enterprises conducted a comprehensive investigation and rectification. Up to now, a total of 40 enterprises, the investigation of the hidden dangers of the scene, the immediate rectification of the 51, issued a deadline for rectification of the order of 1, suspend production for rectification of the 1, interviews with enterprises of 4 households. On the existence of flammable and explosive accident potential enterprises to take the workshop with a combination of workshops and inspection methods, in the park launched a dragnet hidden big investigation. The existence of significant security risks of the 3 production and business units, has been ordered to suspend production or suspend business for rectification.

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