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in the professional Chinese massage the chest maintenance massage, it can not only enhance the vitality of the thymus, to prevent the fitness and anti ageing effect; but also has the effect of breast, make your breasts naturally plump and plump. However, the breast health to confidently, the name


3 in Figure 8 do massage breasts.

!The thymus !

2 hands open, respectively by cleavage at the parallel push down until the breast periphery.

(internship editor: He Lili)

1 hands, fingers, around the entire breast tissue, each time for 3 seconds.

anti sagging massage:

1 from the breast center began to circle, up until the clavicle.

as a health enthusiast, although often care, but can not find the focus of health care; as a beautiful lover, although always sports fitness, but can not see the beautiful effect. Health experts say: health and beauty never break up, as long as the health, is always beautiful

2 from the outer breast began to draw a small circle, spiral way to do massage.

breast plump massage:

dear, your breathing machine, it’s a good idea to increase the amount of oxygen in your lungs. The experiment shows that 30-45 minutes a day, about two months or so, can be active in the secretion of thymus, which can increase the level of antibody in serum, thereby delaying the aging of immune function.

is an important immune organ, thymosin can "training" with the pathogen killing ability of T cells. The more T cells in the body, the more powerful, the stronger the immune function, you can not be sick, less sick, or easy to cure and recover from infection. And we began to shrink into adulthood thymus, immune function gradually degraded, so the maintenance of our chest, is wrestling with aging.

3 two gently grasp both sides of the palm of the hand, slightly upward pull, but do not squeeze too hard.

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