72 thousand residents will have the housekeeper jinhaihu

reporter from the municipal government executive meeting was informed that the lake district will be in February this year, the west area and north area respectively will be the new social management matters into their respective territorial management, then, with the improvement of community management, household management, social security, health supervision, road traffic and social affairs management, has been in the Sea Lake District 72 thousand residents will have a "housekeeper".

for in the new citizens and enterprises to provide safe, comfortable living and working environment, to provide efficient and convenient service, the lake district will be in accordance with the principle of territorial management, by the people’s Government of West District, North District is responsible for the scope of their respective area of various social services, municipal facilities maintenance management work in accordance with the administrative division. Municipal Public Security Bureau, municipal construction committee, municipal forestry bureau, Urban Management Bureau, the City Board of education will be based on their respective responsibilities, assume corresponding management responsibilities.


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