Chase kite ditch will pass small tourist train

in this year’s Green Fair, Datong County has made great achievements in attracting investment, signed a total of 10 projects, investment of more than one billion yuan project 8, the contract amount reached $5 billion 60 million.

it is reported that the signing of the 10 projects were signed from Xining special signing and key investment projects. In the city of Xining special signing ceremony, Datong County signed a cooperation agreement to invest 240 million yuan in Qinghai Province International Stone Trading Center project, 230 million yuan investment in the high-end packaging production line project, underground street project investment of 170 million yuan, 100 million yuan investment in the eastern new city road projects, investment of 90 million yuan project of steel structure production line and the investment of 30 million yuan of Beijing Hualian Supermarket shop Datong life projects 6 projects, contracted 860 million yuan of funds; in key investment projects signed, signed a 3 billion yuan investment in the copper busbar, cable, electrical equipment production line and aluminum business park project cooperation agreement to invest 600 million yuan annual output of 200 thousand tons of heavy section steel construction projects and investment of 500 million yuan of the laser industry projects 3 projects, contracted 4 billion 100 million yuan of funds.

addition, Datong County Tourism Bureau and the world Chinese Association of Kaixin group wing kite ditch small tourist train project signed an agreement of intent, signed a 100 million yuan of funds. (author: a right state)

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