34 public toilets will be put into use during the year

In recent years, the city’s public toilets frequently exposed location layout unreasonable, the number can not meet the needs of the public and other issues. 2013, the city proposed to add 200 public toilets in the city, in order to solve the problem of public toilets. Among them, only in the west district will build 34 Public toilets. Now, the construction of the West District public toilets? When will it be put into use? 24 environmental protection public toilets are put into use from the West District Urban Management Bureau reporter learned that the west area of existing open straight 54 public toilets, which includes 18 water closets, 36 eco-friendly toilets, these toilets distribution in the area of high streets and back lanes. But on this basis, due to the construction of urban public toilets, the emergence of the area layout is not reasonable, a limited number of cases, therefore, according to the location, hoisting, debugging, the 24 seat West to build environmentally friendly toilets, and put into use in March 15th of this year. 10 water closets will have built water closets in the site should not only consider the location, the most important is to consider whether or not to affect the appearance of the city, the road and the surrounding environment, so the site has become the most difficult problem of the construction of water closet. The reporter learned from the West District Urban Management Bureau, in order to surrounding environment against the city, 10 water closets built west area in 4 is 6 seat wooden structure, brick structure, its appearance not only with green belt, brick and other echoes, and the use of new technology in drainage on drainage. It is reported that the 10 water closet has built 8 seat, 2 seat are stepping up construction, completed for the end of the month. Toilet layout more humane, according to the deputy director of the West District Urban Management Bureau, deputy director Jiang Ting introduced this year will be put into use in 34 public toilets on the site more convenient for people to go to the toilet. The location of public toilets is not only user-friendly, but also targeted to solve the problem of different needs of the public. Among them, the Saline Lake lane near the water closet for daily morning stroll the public to provide a convenient, near the tiger Taiwan ruins park water closet for morning people to solve difficult to use the toilet, 41 bus station hall built end point Yinshan water closet for the bus driver to solve the problem. It is reported that the total investment of about 9000000 yuan of public toilets, with a total area of nearly a thousand square meters, the newly built public toilets will be free of all open to the general public to solve the toilet problem, 34.  

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