Municipal Development and Reform Commission to help the village to do practical things

To carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice, in accordance with the municipal requirements about three promotion activities, March 20th to 25, the municipal development and Reform Commission to the countryside village cadres to Dahua town Huangyuan County pool Han, Ba Yanji, he Jia Zhuang, bachan coverafter Zhuang, mobula brain, Hu, extra teeth Ma Cha stagnation etc. visited the village survey.

visited during the investigation, the municipal development and Reform Commission to work in the village cadres to understand the practical difficulties of farmers in production and life, to guide the development of ideas, put forward practical and feasible farming structure adjustment and increase the income of the proposal, and according to the actual village, sent to the required land preparation for spring sowing of fertilizer, seeds and other supplies and of poor households were helping the agricultural, rural infrastructure construction project is carried out, come up with specific support measures. Combined with the actual agricultural stagnation village economic and social development in rural areas and backward infrastructure construction, the discussion, exchange and Dahua town government, and puts forward some concrete measures for support, stagnation village planting structure adjustment, Dahua Town Village key Tibetan medicinal materials planting the shortage of funds, Dahua town pool Han Cun rural masses education culture facilities can not meet the actual needs, problems, maintenance, transformation of rural cultural activities center pool Han Cun, Dahua town government needs to act for the people hall construction projects, and the town government office Shi Weixiu Dahua, transformation, city development and Reform Commission shall be a total of 600 thousand yuan of financial support.

In addition to

, the actual land preparation for spring sowing, 14 tons of chemical fertilizer were sent to the Huangyuan County village of each point, help farmers improve land preparation for spring sowing work. At the same time, the village cadres organized donations, donations and other activities, as the contact point of poor households were sent to a total of 2600 yuan in cash and rice, clothes, bedding, medicines and medical supplies and other items.


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