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must remind: look at the four no one, do this exercise, or at home and after bathing to do more reasonable. Otherwise, others will be seen in the breast movement you must be very embarrassed.

1, put his hands on the armpit side to do circular massage along the outer edge of the breast. 2, from the breast below

operation difficulty: * * *

must be reminded that it takes 1 minutes to do this exercise, whether it’s work, rest, food, and any time to get up and stretch. Wake up in the morning, lie on the bed and try to stretch up and down. Pull the muscles from the chest to the lungs, stimulate the breast, and lift the chest curve.

may be, you are worried about this? The following introduction of breast three steps for a variety of problems in the chest of a full attack, so you really good. But, first of all, remember that the most confident woman

sports program:

sports program two:

breast augmentation exercise -Howtocheerup

want to have strong plump breasts is every woman yearning. This is the truth, walking in the street, chest rise slim, not only for men, for women’s confidence. A little more stylish girls play, still off the shackles of the bra, dressing up straight to the theme". WOW! The modern woman really progress, hot sexy, so filled with dazzling men and women, old and young

operation difficulty: * * *

woman "pretty" good! The chest is good! In fact, is Hercule Poirot pounding his mess, saying to women heart nest — "woman’s mind is called a man to love her" (the movie "death on the Nile" at the end of line). You know, the next time to see the woman on the street, "ting" from the chest to walk, they know that the mind is actually so simple!

really, outsiders do not understand, but I sleep with her man! Can’t bear it! "I was dumb, man, you really can’t accept a woman with fake breast


spend time: 2 minutes


simple massage method:


1, the relative palm, gently in the chest two breath. 2, exhale slowly and with hands as action, chest muscles will be concentrated to central extrusion. 3, if you feel the chest is pressed to the limit, relax the palm, and then slowly breathe, a total of 10 times.

my friend and her husband divorced, the man is my good friend. One day, the man talked about his earlier marriage, also told me puzzled: "I don’t understand why she got a fake (chest), nose is fake.

spend time: about 50 wonderful

body stand straight, raise the right hand, and strive to extend, the right foot with a long stretch, to maintain this action 5 wonderful clock for the left hand, the same extension. Repeat 10 times.

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