Take food, teach you the first set of winning old

The rapid development of

1, traditional western fast food suddenly brakes; 2, local traditional fast-food brands make no headway; 3, a huge impact on retail electricity supplier due to excessive lead to the introduction of food shopping center shopping center, 4 square delicacy; in music, Kaiser, old, take food fish taste Museum, as the representative of the cloud small and fine class fast fashion brand catering market trends and on the rapid rise.

generally speaking, the shopping center has a few basic needs to choose the brand:

1 and traffic generation ability; 2, 3, the Internet forced up; gene; 4, the rent;

At present,

investment managers face the dilemma is: with the first 3 points of the brand will be hard to rent a lot of pressure, the rent of the brand is to approach the local army. One side is distressed investment manager, while it is impossible to find the brightest restaurant brand. This paper attempts to change the angle, from the old crazy shop to find the answer.

to take the old vegetables, shopping center, the only representative of the fast fashion brand, its founder, He Wei, said, "risking food". His old dish run the main dish, starting in September 2014 to start the first store, currently has nearly 20 stores in the country, accounting for more than half of Guangdong. Take the old number of sites in the shopping center, shop area of about 80-120 square meters, the number of seats in each store between 50-80, the average daily turnover rate of 7 to 12 times.

"we are on the five latitude to pursue perfection, only today’s results," said the risk of food.

1, slow innovation strategy

is different from many brands, we do not pursue speed, we pursue consistent acceleration, the speed of our pursuit of slow. Because of the blind pursuit of speed will cause the enterprise to face the risk cannot withstand a single blow.

micro innovation every day, every day is the acceleration of innovation;

first to find the law, do the model, shop shop iteration, in the operation of every detail to do a summary, which is the acceleration of innovation;

began to slow down, to be perfect, and then instantly broke out, this is the innovation of the acceleration.

we don’t think the initial growth rate is important, it’s important to be concerned about acceleration and time, start slow, innovate quickly, and eventually burst

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