High school girls micro business profits

With the

mobile network platform is developed, the mobile communication has become increasingly common, more and more people began to sell their products through micro-blog WeChat circle of friends, then say the entrepreneur is through their own WeChat business.


high school to earn tens of thousands of sales of oil

"WeChat marketing hot since last year, I have been concerned about." To the third year, the other students are immersed in the fight for the college entrance examination, but the snow has started his new business, the use of spare time, in WeChat, micro-blog sell mask. Because WeChat is a point of view of the spread of the way, every day back to the news late, the second day early in the morning to attend classes, which makes the snow feel the pressure, she had the idea of dropping out of school.

a year with a team of more than and 100

however, doing business is not Everything is going smoothly. Once the snow had told the shipping side, getting goods 500 can send 200, she put all the recommended deposit

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