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girls nine years old breast development is a normal phenomenon, in general, the girl from the age of nine, the breasts began to develop, and this is the main performance of the nipple is large. Eleven to two years old, began to form the nucleus of breast hyperplasia, and this is the pain will touch the chest. The twelve year old, breast development continued, this time in the breast fat and breast tube will gradually increase, has raised from the appearance, and elastic. General to twenty years old, the basic development of the breast mature.

2, pay attention to

1, normal

girls breast development is a normal physiological phenomenon, but the need to pay attention to the following points: first, the breast development age is too small, it is likely to be precocious. Second, after the age of fifteen, the breast has not developed, we must pay attention to. If after the age of eighteen, the breast has not yet developed, then, is likely to be related to certain diseases. Second, after the beginning of the development of the breast, to choose the right underwear to protect the breast, and the choice of underwear at different stages are different, the girls must pay attention to. Third, for hyperplasia of mammary gland, must go to the hospital.

for the daughter of my mother in their house, are very concerned about the development of daughter, especially the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as what time to start breast development. Some mothers have found nine year old daughter’s breast has started to develop, then the girls at the age of nine normal breast development? What needs attention? Please look at the following details.

nine year old girl breast development is normal, the girl at the age of nine breast development is normal, parents and friends do not have to worry about. The above is introduced in the process of breast development need to pay attention to the relevant matters, hoping to help a friend in need. For breast dysplasia or breast development of women, it is recommended to go to the hospital to do the relevant checks, and actively cooperate with the doctor.

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