To pay attention to the nursing home

It is not an easy task for

to create a suitable name for any of the shops, even if you can master the relevant methods, but there are also more considerations. So, the name of the nursing home to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian to explain in detail for you.

1, the name of the nursing home can not repeat

this is a mandatory standard, is the name of the nursing home sign, the same home will make consumer confusion, but also to your nursing home a bad reputation, if you follow the same that nursing home reputation is not good, it does not give you discredit it, this not The loss outweighs the gain. Furthermore, the same nursing home is impossible through business registration, so even if you love your home name, also ought to give up, one of the best have a unique style.

2, the name of the nursing home should not be too long

too long nursing home name bad memory, especially for older people, their memory itself is poor, the name is too long will increase the difficulty of their memory, remember. It is better to have 2 or 3 words.

3, named to the nursing home should pay attention to pronunciation

The name of

pronunciation to be harmonious, not a mouthful, saying do not tired mouth, hard to pronounce the name of that for a long time to say, it is easy to dislike, it felt disgusted, who will go further to understand your home?

if you want to do a good job, it is not difficult to say, but want to get a good name, but it is not easy. In short, if you want to give the name of the nursing home, the above three considerations naturally need to pay attention to, so as to make the name of the work becomes more smoothly.

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