These places are more suitable to open a snack bar

flavor snacks are very popular, very popular in the market. Look at the streets, as long as there is a place where snacks, always see a lot of people come to taste. So open a snack bar? Choose a good project to meet the needs of the market, naturally good business. Flavor snack shop, open where to make money?

choose snacks to join the shop mainly consider three aspects, one is the real street, at least I should be the alley street, near the location; two is the company’s office is on the place; the three is a more concentrated residential areas. Of course, the three are concentrated in a better place. Because do catering business, especially the food stores the most stress enough the flow near the shops, there are only passenger flow, passenger flow will have a "financial flow".

the location of the source of information, can pay attention to the advertisement, but also personally visited, or friend introduction. Shop at the beginning of the selected area of the store is not more than 200 square meters, the annual rent of less than $100 thousand. Snack bar positioning mid-range, about 500 yuan per square meter of decoration, some of the low grade of about $300.

selected location, it is necessary to consider the open snack stores will sell what products, or, what is the snack shop features. This is second only to location. As if the child was born, how to raise a lot of knowledge, consider the child may die.


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