2016 win in Suzhou overseas entrepreneurship Contest Finals ended in Suzhou

according to the current status of the development of the national advocacy of "national entrepreneurship, innovation", in this market environment, "win 2016 held in Suzhou" overseas business competition, and success in Suzhou dropped the curtain. The following for the entrepreneurial competition, and make a detailed understanding of the small series.

2016 "win in Suzhou" overseas entrepreneurship contest finals in Suzhou in 10 sunset under the curtain, 10 entrepreneurial teams from around the world for the ultimate PK, ultimately, the world’s first clinical application of single cell CTC detection system of industrialization has won the first prize. Reporters learned that the game is to gather high-level innovation and entrepreneurship at home and abroad, the main field of the game industry is focused on information technology, bio medicine and other strategic emerging industries.

according to reports, the 2016 "win in Suzhou" overseas entrepreneurship contest finals in Suzhou, the project in the year 2016 in North America, Europe, Australia, the four field entrepreneurship contest winners as the main object, coupled with the "thousands of people plan entrepreneurship competition winning project and the jurisdiction of the municipalities (counties) District excellent recommendation project, after the preliminary contest and the expert review, 10 projects have been successfully qualified for the final.

the "bio medical intermediates and sugar sugar (coupling) protein research platform of the team from France, the project focused on the development and production of bio sugar intermediates, sugar conjugates (glycoproteins, glycolipids, sugar and gold nanoparticles) aminoglycoside drug molecules, is committed to become the first and largest China a sugar is the core of the bio pharmaceutical professional supplier, is the founder of Zhou Zhicheng and the team’s desire.

The diagnosis and treatment of

cancer will be one of the most potential applications in gene sequencing. Shi Qihui’s project "the world’s first clinical application of single cell CTC detection system of industrialization" is for cancer patients in the clinical application of the detection of single cell count, tumor cells and high-throughput gene sequencing, to achieve a breakthrough in clinical application of circulating tumor cell gene program.

optical communication industry continued to upgrade, promote the rapid development of optical components test instrument, "ultra high resolution optical vector analyzer" model of microwave photonic technology based on the introduction of ultra fine power spectrum analysis method, solves the main technical difficulties from research to application; "quantum dots wide color domain display new quantum dot materials technology industrialization the backlit remote excitation technique can be widely used in various display devices, can significantly improve the color gamut display device, the display color is more accurate, better energy-saving effect, longer service life.

to accelerate the agglomeration of overseas high-level innovative talents, according to organizers, from the beginning of 2011, Suzhou in the major developed countries and regions in the world held "win in Suzhou" international elite series of overseas business competition, the successful opening of overseas fine recommended

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