Hefei Home Expo opening soon eye-catching

With the development of economy, people pay more and more attention to the construction of the home, and the choice of the household products becomes more and more important.

. The tenth Hefei Home Expo will be held at the beginning of November 18th at nine am, which has attracted the attention of countless people, it is understood that the home fair smart home appliances will become the protagonist

exhibition specification upgrade to "national"

it is understood that the Ministry of industry for the first time as a co organizer, will be released for five consecutive years in the exhibition energy efficiency star evaluation results. The national clean up and standardize the celebration activities of the forum and seminar work leading group has a formal reply to the provincial government agreed to, held in Hefei Home Expo exhibition activities, as a "national specification".

at the same time, more prominent international level. With the full implementation of the Sino German cooperation and exchange programs, the opportunity to set up a special German Pavilion, the German companies to participate in the invitation to participate in the exhibition, in order to fully demonstrate the advanced manufacturing technology and brand products in germany. At present, the work has been completed, there are special more than and 70 exhibitors, exhibition area of over 40 thousand square meters. In addition, as well as Germany, South Korea, South Africa and other countries envoys, representatives to determine the participants. In addition, the effectiveness of star selection activities continue, this year a total of 16 enterprises in the 46 models of the selected products of the Chinese home appliances, energy star 10".

all kinds of new technology products dominate

this Home Expo will be landing on the foyer, the main exhibition hall, standard hall, OTC sales area 5 components. The exhibition hall in accordance with the function division of intelligent home appliances, consumer electronics exhibition, exhibition area, small household electrical appliances intelligent Home Furnishing Pavilion, pavilion, Green Energy Star appliances enterprise pavilion, the German Museum, Taiwan Museum exhibition, the "double" exhibition etc..

in the showcase of intelligent home appliances and consumer electronics products at the same time, VR technology, holographic technology, robotics, medical wisdom, human-computer interaction and other new technologies, new products will dominate. In addition, the activities of the content is also rich and colorful, by the home activities, special events and exhibition activities of the three plates. Home court activities including appliances "Energy Star" evaluation results release, trade and investment projects signed, publishing, international standard home appliances SIEMENS platform project in Germany and the opening ceremony of the museum. Topics include smart home appliances International Standards Forum, industrial design competition, H20 (20 exhibitors well-known corporate executives) entrepreneurs forum, etc.. Sales activities include new product launches, the international home appliance procurement fair.

opened 7 public free train

for the convenience of the public show, this home expo in the exhibition hall near the taxi 100 point, play hard to ease centralized phenomenon; opened 7 free public train, in November 8th 19, two days in the city recommended

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