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woman’s breast is almost a woman’s life, no matter who, will be very careful care of their breasts. But there will always be an unexpected situation, the breast was injured, how can this be done?

female breast injury, especially breast abscess, after cure may affect lactation day after. Severe infection may also be due to local tissue scar adhesion, contracture, resulting in local skin depression, deformation, resulting in physical and mental health damage. Therefore, women should try to improve the quality of the breast from external injury, if the breast is damaged, should be treated as soon as possible, in order to prevent sequelae.

when the breast is hit and other injuries, if there is no skin damage or subcutaneous bleeding, usually do not need special treatment, just observe.

women should learn to take care of themselves

pain obviously can take painkillers.

female breast subcutaneous fat and small blood vessels are more abundant, prone to local hematoma after trauma, damage, and even the consequences of infection. Therefore, after the injury, can not be careless, should be promptly dealt with.

(internship editor: Tan Shumei)

if the injured breast appeared subcutaneous bleeding or hematoma, hematoma can be used as long as the little ice, because of local vascular contraction after the cold, it can stop the bleeding. 3 days later, and then take the heat, blood stasis or promote the absorption of hematoma. If the larger breast hematoma, hematoma or cold still increases, should go to hospital for treatment, can be removed and given blood stasis breast hematoma compression bandage to prevent further bleeding, while taking antibiotics to prevent secondary infection.

if the skin of the breast is damaged should be immediately debridement, disinfection, while giving adequate antibiotics to prevent infection. If the injured parts of the breast swelling, fever and pain, is the manifestation of inflammation. In the early stage of inflammation, giving a lot of antibiotic treatment at the same time, can also take the local hot compress, promote the absorption of inflammation. Once the location of the infection to produce pain, hand touch, there is a sense of local fluctuations, has been infected with an abscess of the breast, said the local infection of fat and other tissues have been necrosis. At this time, the above treatment methods have been difficult to effect, should be incision and drainage of breast abscess.

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