How to open a bag shop

certainly do business is the need for timely purchase, many people began to do business, so it is not very understanding, if you want to purchase something to pay more attention to the different age, different identity, different consumers love the bag is not the same, so as the main store, the first thing to do is to market positioning. You want to know what style you open, what grade of the bag shop, followed by the type of bag is to enter, so as to be able to open the shop steadily. So, how to open a bag shop?

before purchasing – prepare article

: the first in the purchase before to do a specific planning and arrangements, to how many species, the number of all kinds of goods, and the grade of color, to do detailed calculation in advance, must not be no purpose, no goal, no number, no high and low points, it would be a waste of limited funds.

second, in order to consider the purchase of seasonal and seasonal trends, not blindly according to their own preferences and unrestrained play, to summarize, more investigation, more understanding of trends in demand.

third, we should pay attention to the style of their shops, what is the route, the positioning of the consumer groups, age to be accurate, the overall style of goods to be consistent, should not be lost in the purchase of the direction!

fourth, how to buy the package? In the middle and low goods, valued appearance and color, fancy goods in the fancy features and quality, as well as the proportion of the three should be clear, avoid indiscriminate play.

purchase – scale article

first, in the specific operation of the purchase, first of all have their own ideas and basic orientation, avoid in numerous goods lost, do not easily believe that the shopkeeper recommended goods, heard "buy good" blindly with the goods, pay attention to word style and capital.

second, how to buy the package? Many of the samples will dazzle you, so the purchase time can not be too long, about 2 hours or so, if the time is too long will lose the ability to distinguish, put a lot of "defective" back, I have no tears to cry.

third, should pay attention to the style and color comparison goods purchase, a person’s eye after convergence, so to sum up, recall, comparison, it is necessary to invite some gay men to go, because they enjoy the view is very unique.

fourth, the goods have to do color collocation, spring and summer to autumn and winter to bright, brilliant color, but also consider the photo shoot out the effect, so it is best to diversify, not the color is too single, this shop overall color will be nice.

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