Wuhan venture capital project publicity 60 entrepreneurial projects

mentioned entrepreneurship, can not help but mention innovation. When entrepreneurship becomes a trend, only with innovative technology in order to make a project stand out in the entrepreneurial show, attracting many investors of all ages.

11 15 -21, Wuhan International Entrepreneurship Week will be held in han. Now, one of the activities of the theme of Entrepreneurship Week 60 projects – Wuhan venture contest is publicity into the semifinals, entrepreneurs show a lot of new shit.

slope road early warning system for your safety

play up the mountain car, ramp corner suddenly there is a car coming in, the driver was hiding behind, scared into a cold sweat. The blind area of the slope curve is easy to cause traffic accidents. Mechanical and electronic engineering Huazhong University of Science and Technology PhD Xiong Tao and his team, gives a solution: slope road meeting intelligent traffic warning system.

"our road crossing intelligent early warning system, not subject to weather conditions." Xiong Tao said, the system uses ultrasonic and infrared laser principle, on the slope road bend upstream and downstream of the vehicle, all-weather real-time monitoring, if the monitoring to two cars will meet, will issue a warning to bend the vehicle that meeting.

at noon

"small eye pillow" to help you sleep comfortably

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