How to choose jewelry to join the famous project is not necessarily good

After the release of the

market, the competition is fierce, followed by a liar to bring the machine. Choose to join the company to be very careful, because now recruit too many swindlers to join. First you have to take a look at the main entrance to have their own stores, if the location of the store, such as good, if not a liar. Their trick is to join the franchise fee, you see things in the exhibition hall before you will never get. Therefore, in joining a certain brand must determine the following basic issues:

1, the trademark is a registered trademark.

2, joined the Lord is a corporate body.

3, joined the contract rigorous, comprehensive, fair.

4, the brand has more than 3 mature stores, and after many years of good operating efficiency.

5, a leader to support the franchisee’s full support manual.

6, leader of a comprehensive follow-up support for the franchisee (such as training, supervision, etc.).

7, its existing franchisees to conduct research and analysis (such as business, location, flow, profit estimates, etc.). Do not chain as the core of the boss, nor is the headquarters as the core, in fact, the chain is around the core of the scale of the operation. One of the biggest risks is not to expand the issue, but the ability to control the enterprise. If there is no perfect chain support system, the faster the expansion, the faster the fall.

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